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Solar Systems

Custom built ounting Frame To Suit The House Boat curved roof.

6 x 175 watt 24v Mono-Crystaline Sharp PV Modules Make Up This 1KW Stand Alone System

123 watt 12v Poly-Crystaline Sharp PV Modules,

3 x 165 watt 24v Poly-Crystaline PV Modules Fitted To A Hino Rainbow

24 volt, 165 watt Mono-Crystaline Panels Fitted To A Nissan Civilian 

Custom Solar Mounting Frame To Suit Most Vehicles, Rust free 3mm Box Section Aluminium, Note Roof Fixing, Phone Us For All Your Solar Power Requirements On 0408 772 636

20 watt Battery Savers in 12v - 24v, designed to keep start batteries charged on vehicles not being used frequently, great for farm machinery

PL-20 Solar Charge Controller, multi volt & fully programmable, 20amp charge

Plasmatronics PL-60 Solar Charge Controller for larger Stand Alone Solar Systems, digital display & fully programmable, multi volt, also available in 40amp

200amp Current Shunt & PLS2 Adaptor allows all charge & load current to be read on PL Series controller digital screens.

Three Fuse Switch for circuit protection, 2 x 160amp Fuse ( Positive & Negative ) 1 x 63amp Fuse ( Solar Positive ), fuses available separately

Solar Power Display at Beaudesert Eco Expo

Sine Wave Inverters, from 300 - 3000 watt, many brands available.

Cotek Inverters, 1500 watt 24v shown with "Optional" remote control panel

Close up of Remote Control Panel

Automatic Battery Chargers, float voltage selectable, battery type selectable, 20amp model shown

Automatic Battery Charger "Smart Charge" up to 50amp 12v or 25amp 24v available, Gel / Flooded selectable,